Samsung Is Working on a Jaw-dropping 250MP Camera That Will Precede the 600MP Sensor

Faisal Rasool

The race for ever-increasing smartphone camera resolutions doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. For our readers out of the loop, Samsung has plans to develop a 600MP sensor – which is comparable to the human eye, but a resolution that powerful doesn’t lie in the offing. For the time being, Samsung has in works a 250MP lens, which would serve as the sequel to Samsung’s yet-to-debut 150MP camera.

According to a report out of China, the alleged 250MP shooter features a whopping 1-inch aperture. By comparison, the latest 108MP camera on the Samsung new model Galaxy S20 Ultra has an f/1.33 sensor.

Note that a resolution that high pretty much necessitates a larger aperture, since you can’t pack so many pixels on a smaller sensor without introducing artifacts and noise in the shots. The pixels would be binned into a super-pixel size larger than the one Galaxy S20 Ultra uses, but the report doesn’t share the exact details.

The source further details that Samsung has finalized its 150MP module, and it could debut as soon as Q3 of 2020. Speculation has it that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra could be the model that introduces this camera.

That being said, the mystery phone could from be a different OEM altogether, that uses the Samsung-manufactured lens. Case in point, the world’s first 108MP to hit the market was launched with Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro last year, and it was Samsung-made. If Xiaomi employs Samsung’s upcoming camera one again, the next Mi Note would be the first to show off the freshly-minted 150MP lens.

The first Samsung phone to include this lens might be the purported Samsung Galaxy S30 series which isn’t scheduled for launch until 2021. At any rate, Samsung might have to make some drastic changes to its design to accommodate the oversized sensor.