Huawei banned from using Android Support; will no longer feature the Google proprietary apps

Taimoor Khalid

Just a few days ago, American president Trump signed an executive order to block US companies from having business ties with companies or people that are considered a National security risk by the American Government. The results of the measure are already taking effect, with Google suspending part of its business with the Chinese giant.

This means upcoming Huawei phones can lose access to all the Android updates and security patches released directly by Google. Future Huawei smartphones can also lose access to the proprietary Google applications such as YouTube, Gmail and Play Store. 

However, Current Huawei smartphone users with pre-installed Google applications will continue using the software and apps and will also get future updates released by Google. According to Reuters, The American manufacturers have to suspend all the ties with Huawei (except open source licenses). This includes everything that refers to hardware and software.

And yes that also means "No More Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipsets". Though the company had used a few snapdragons in the past, Huawei seldom uses the Qualcomm processors as they have their very own HiSilicon Kirin Chipsets. So we don't see a problem there. 

The company is accused of being used by the Chinese government for surveillance purposes. While Huawei has continuously been denying that, clearly stating that it's an independent company and has nothing to do with the Chinese government.

Reuters sources claim that the details of the suspension are still being discussed internally. Which means that there's still a lot of ambiguity on what services will be denied and what actually would be available to Huawei. On Huawei's side, Lawyers are still studying the impacts of the order regarding the suspension decreed by Donald Trump. Nothing is said officially so far by the Chinese giant.

Even with the suspension to future updates and proprietary apps from Google, Huawei would still be able to use Android on their smartphones, if they want. After all, its an open source operating system and no one can prevent them from using it. Or Huawei could also take a totally different path and starts developing its own operating system.

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But let's hope the decision gets reversed. Because if not, it'll have irreparable repercussions on Huawei's business in the future. The implications of the decision are so serious that the future of the whole Chinese smartphone industry is now at stake.