Apple's First Foldable Device Could Replace iPad Mini in 2026

Sohail Akhtar

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce its first foldable device, and rumors suggest it may position itself as a foldable iPad rather than an "iPhone Fold." The device, expected to launch in 2026, is speculated to have a display size ranging between 7-inch to 8-inch, potentially leading to the discontinuation of the traditional iPad mini.

While industry sources hint at the possibility of Apple shifting its strategy, discontinuing the iPad mini, known for its success, might face obstacles. Reports of a next-gen iPad mini with an OLED display are already circulating, making it unlikely for Apple to phase out the compact tablet series in 2024, or 2025, for that matter.

The major challenge for Apple's foldable iPad, often referred to as the "iPad Fold," would be its price point, expected to surpass the cost of the current iPad mini. Additionally, the device might encroach on the consumer demand for the iPhone Pro Max, considering the size and potential features.

The report also hints at another Apple foldable device, speculated to be a large 20-inch or so product, possibly launching after the small foldable. Apple's endeavors in the foldable market will surely get the support of the competing Samsung, which might be its leading supplier of foldable displays.

There’s a lot of interest around Apple's rumored foldable devices, but the changes expected in the iPhone series (2027) have been particularly enticing. As Apple explores the foldable space, the industry anticipates significant developments from the tech giant, especially with the iPhone’s 20th anniversary approaching in 2027.