Apple iPhone SE 4 to Postpone or Entirely Stop the Production; Budget iPhone at an End

Sohail Akhtar

In recent developments on Apple, the internet is abuzz with leaks claiming the discontinuation of the iPhone SE line in 2024. Some argue that the production of SE 4 might postpone, while others suggest its cancellation altogether. Here’s an overview of what we’ve gathered so far.

We’ve all come to share a deeper appreciation of Apple’s budget creation, the iPhone SE series. The line has a straightforward agenda; envelop the sub-500$ market, all the while providing the recent-most chipsets in vintage iPhone chassis. That’s how the series maintains Apple’s stature while staying affordable. 

The two most recent SE models did not meet Apple’s intended sales, and the alleged under-development iPhone SE 4 is heading in the same direction. For those unaware, many industrial sources have pointed out that the oncoming budget iPhone will look similar to iPhone XR 2017, which means a bigger screen and added battery capacity.

Well-versed industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently hinted in a tweet that the brand is reconsidering its position with the Apple iPhone new model, postponing SE 4 or putting a stop to its mass production. With the chain’s recent failures with budget phones, it shouldn’t come as a shock. 

Neither the iPhone 13 mini nor the iPhone 14 Plus got as much attention or sales as they should have. The pattern is evident; the SE 4 is following suit. Kuo thinks that the iPhone XR-like form factor translates to additional cost per unit, and upon its implication, the SE will not remain “affordable.” 

Apple’s risk analysis might be dictating iPhone SE 4 as an imminent failure leading to a complete stop in its mass production. Whether or not the manufacturing gets postponed or halted is yet to become official. So take this news with a grain of salt.


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