Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra Spotted on IMEI Database; The First Official Appearance

Usama Rasool

Their Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra hit the level of success even they weren’t predicting. Galaxy AI might have had something to do with it, but they reported great first-quarter sales for their Ultra this year. You can bet there’s no chance they are quitting now. The Galaxy S25 Ultra is coming, and we have proof of its definite existence.

AndroidHealines spotted it first on the IMEI database. Model Code ‘SM-S938U’ belongs to S25 Ultra. Many more sources corroborated the leak after. We can tell with absolute certainty that Samsung has started working on it. That ‘U’ at the end signals the model that the USA will receive.  

But, leakers and reporters have been spilling details about it since the S24 Ultra launched. They aren’t definite. But intriguing still. Like last week, Sawyer Galox posted on X about the UFS 4.1 standard we might see with Galaxy S25 Ultra. If and when you get to benchmark it, there must possibly be an uptick in read/write speeds.

UFS 4.1 may even help those Galaxy AI features people love so much. Cameras will snap photos faster. And AI will compile translations quickly. Galox had some more info that he spilled. The base Samsung Ultra 5G model is 12/256 GB like it always is. But we move up. They most likely want to configure a 16 GB and 1 TB piece for next time.

Some other reports we saw were about 200 MP first camera and Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. Another news we covered on WhatMobile before had speculations about three 50 MP cameras coming to Galaxy S25 Ultra. 50 MP ultrawide, 50 MP telephoto, and 50 MP super telephoto are possible. But no one can tell with absolute certainty.  


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