Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Tested via Geekbench with Unreleased Android 15 x One UI 17

Usama Rasool

Those Geekbench runs from the website’s database are coming in handy again. Spotted now is the unreleased Android 15 running on a Galaxy S24 Plus. And it changes everything. That means their One UI 17 build is very close, and things are picking up the pace at Samsung’s. We’ll soon get the first official OTA with Android 15.

It’s not the Android 15 itself because it’s imminent. What we’re waiting to see is what brand will take the lead in that race. Samsung has always been one of the first ones. And you can’t expect anything less from this Android update as well. 

Geekbench test run with One UI 17 on Galaxy S24 Plus. That gives us a lot to talk about. We know that at least Samsung is going all out on development. They may have hit a necessary milestone, seeing that Alpha and Beta tests are ongoing within the company. 

That may not seem it, but we think it’s a big deal. Even though Android 15 x One UI 17 will come later. And One UI 6.1.1 is the next big firmware update, making way to the Samsung budget flagship mobiles, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6. They are probably ahead of the schedule for Android 15.   

Of course, there weren’t any changes or additions to spot when you look at that scoresheet from Geekbench alone. But it never hurts to look at the big picture. Who knows, this could be the point where it all starts. One UI 17 may be on every leaker's crosshairs from now. 


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